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Dr. Peeyush Bhargava is now a Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

Chronic Bronchitis & Asthma


Bronchitis is the inflammation of airways characterized by fever, cough, expectoration, and malaise. Acute bronchitis is caused by the imbalance of kapha dosha and chronic bronchitis secondary to cigarette smoking is caused by the imbalance of pitta dosha.

Vedic Healing

Apart from kapha balancing lifestyle recommendations, several herbs are useful in controlling the symptoms of acute bronchitis. We use six different herbs in patients with acute bronchitis (Triphala, Trikatu, Mulethi, Vasa, Tulsi, and Haldi). Triphala (a formulation made from fruits of Emblica officinalis, Terminalia billerica, and Terminalia chebula) is widely used as a colon cleanser and digestive Trikatu (a formulation made from Zinziber officinale, Piper nigrum, and Piper longum) reduces kapha and enhances the action of other herbs. Mulethi (Glycerhiza glabra), Vasa (Adhatoda vasica), Tulsi (Oscimum sanctum), and Haldi (Curcuma longa) are well known for the treatment of bronchitis in Ayurvedic literature. Honey is a good medium to mix and ingest these herbs and it has a role in helping bronchitis too.

We have successfully used a combination of these six herbs, mixed in equal quantities. For non-diabetic adults, the dosage is 1 tsp (3.5gms) of the herbal combination mixed with 1 tbsp of honey and taken orally 2-3 times a day. Water is substituted for honey in diabetics and the dose is reduced for pediatric patients. This combination reduces the severity of symptoms, the total duration of symptoms, and the need for antibiotics.

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